Sunday, 27 May 2012

I'm a name, not a number!

Okay, scrub that. I am a number - I'm number 5.
  1. MWL157
  2. MWL158
  3. MWL160
  4. MWL161
  5. MWL162
I also have the allotted designation: MWL162.

On checking the Mooring Licence Waiting List last week, I noticed that I'd managed to creep into the top five! This will come as quite a relief to the council (who I've been pestering on a more frequent basis just recently), as I can now lookup my progress online! I did email the council to see whether the licence renewal process is now finished, but haven't had a reply as yet. You can see the impact of this process from the graph below:

I don't know if there was an exceptionally large number of licences on offer this year, but the renewal process certainly was/is a lot more drawn out than I was expecting, and I'm still a little shocked by my rate of progress!

Today it's been exactly one year, one month, one week, and a day since I joined the mooring list. Definitely time to start getting my arse in gear with regards some sort of plan of action, methinks. :-)


Tom and Jan said...

Fingers crossed for you and.... go for it!

Ian said...

Thanks guys - I will try my best!