Monday, 20 June 2011

Mooring List Update

Today I emailed the council to find out where I am currently on the mooring list, and got a pleasant surprise - 92nd!

A jump of 39 places in 2 months!

The main reason I got in contact was that the council website (which shows you the next 5 people to be offered licences) always seemed to show the same 5 reference numbers. Apparently, these 5 are waiting for wide-beam licences (2.15 metres/7.06 feet or more), which rarely come up. In fact, these guys have been waiting since the very start of the current mooring policy in 2006! This renders the info on the website pretty meaningless, so I'll have to email them every time I need an update (the administration of which has now been taken over by the Streets & Open Spaces team).

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