Friday, 9 September 2011

Rivers Day Festival

An upcoming event in Cambridge this month is the Rivers Day Festival (Sunday, 25th September 2011, 10 am - 6 pm, on Jesus Green), which I'm thoroughly looking forward to! It covers a whole host of activities from canoeing, rowing, punting & fishing, to chats with local residential narrowboat owners and a look around their boats (I really ought to think about a list of questions!). There will also be some short river-related films to be shown at The Waterman (one of my fave pubs!) I'll try to post some photos.

In the meantime, to gather as much information as I can, I've been scouring online forums (CanalWorld seems to be one of the more popular ones) and investing in a few boaty books. A list of these can be found in my new Boat Books widget that I've added to the righthand column. For what it's worth, I'll add my reviews on these books as & when I read them.

Mooring List Update A few weeks back I received an email from the Streets & Open Spaces team, who asked if I still wished to remain on the list. After confirming that I did, today I found out my current position - 51st.

I have to admit, I'm quite shocked at how quickly I seem to be progressing up the list!


Kevls143 said...

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Nick Tennis said...

River festival , is that fun . I've never attend a festival before . hope i can join someday !
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Jessica Ramirez said...

This festival was so fun.
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